What is the difference between X3pure and My Pilgrimage?

X3pure is a workshop that we developed in 2010 and was rereleased in 2017. It is a fabulous resource in understanding porn addiction and the changes of the brain as a result of long term pornography use. It is a 15 session course with companion workbook and can be purchased at X3workshops.com

My Pilgrimage is an interactive journey experience we just recently launched. We spent two years in development through researching, writing and producing. It is a more dynamic approach that instead of focusing on the sin, focuses on the core issue of getting to the root of the reason you use porn to begin with, dealing with that root, cutting it off and breaking free.

The My Pilgrimage Experience consists of 10 video sessions coupled with a live group experience, a book, workbook, audio book and bonus downloads.

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