Why is Recover priced so high?

For 15 years we have provided free resources at XXXchurch.com and will continue to do so. While we realize not everyone can or will invest in the Recover program, it took us many years and a substantial investment to create this incredible package. We believe we have priced it fairly. 

None of the ministries under Fireproof have church buildings that have members who give weekly of their tithes and offerings to keep the lights on and outreaches going, or the development of resources and so much more. Some products help us to sustain this organization (and to create new resources) which is where you will see a cost, but most of what we’ve done in 15 years has been free. There are hundreds of blogs, videos, sermons & messages, not to mention countless hours of phone calls, answering emails and so much more. 

We understand that people don't always know how a nonprofit operates, so we hope this brings some clarity. 

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